Crux LED Spotlight 1.8w Warm White 4500K


Crux LED Spotlight 1.8w Warm White 4500K

Crux LED lamp made of high resistance and light plastic, which allows it to be recessed without any problem.

It consists of two circumferences, the outer one for embedding is 65mm and in turn, serves as a cover, it has a thickness of 1.4 mm and a thickness of 12.4mm. Its inner circumference is 60mm where the 24 LEDs are located, with 105 lm and a power of 1.8 W.

Each package contains 6 units ready to install, with a cable of 1.5 meters in length each, IP20 certification.

Materials: Plastic

Finish: Satin finished nickel

Lumen: 105 lm

Power: 1.8 W

Colour temperature: Warm white 4500K

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